Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Estee Lauder Beautiful Sheer (EDP)

Went sourcing for a nice fragrance for my big day at takashimaya departmental during my lunch break today. Initially, I shortlisted a few... Chloe, Lancome's Tresor in Love - Midnight Rose, Philosophy's Falling In Love (Not available in Singapore market), Ralph Lauren's Romance, Lavin's Marry Me... more.

I ended up with Estee Lauder's BEAUTIFUL SHEER Eau de Parfum! I simply adore  this fragrance. It smells amazing. Not too heavy and overpowering, rich yet sheer. Feels clean and crisp, fresh and a gentle touch of femininity and love. I've have a background of asthma and sinus, yet this baby just simply does not aggravate my health. (A definite plus point!)

Here are some facts and information I got from the Estee Lauder website.

Category: Fresh Floral
Feeling: Lighthearted, Radiant

Product Details:
A sheer blush of flowers.
Beautiful Sheer is lighthearted, radiant and romantic. Deliciously blending bright floral notes and a sheer woody accord. This inspired scent feels light, airy and modern.

Fragrance Type: Sheer Floral

Top Notes:
Nashi Pear
Michelia Fogii
Ginger Lily

Middle Notes:
Linden Blossom
Pittospsrum Leaves

Base Notes:
Padouk Wood

 * I got mine at Estee Lauder cosmetic counter at Takashimaya departmental store at S$102.00 if I'm not wrong. Lol.

Love & Merry

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