Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Difference between COLD & FLU

I'm a person of high sensitivity. A like change in temperature, a little dust that looms into my surrounding... Will cause my nose to twitch. The recent haze has also created niusance for my pathetic my eyes and nose. Causing me to have sore/red and itchy eyes and non-stop runny nose...frequent sneezing as well. Sigh... what can I do? I'll have to live with this sinus of mine for the rest of my life then...

Just wanted to share some info with you guys between "Cold" and "Flu"....

Flu symptoms generally:-
- Come on quickly and severely
- Include fever, which tends to be higher and last longer (3 to 4 days) than the occasional low-grade fever that may accompany a cold
- Include chills, bodyaches and severe tiredness or fatigue
- May result in pneumonia, baterial infection and hospitilazation
- Causes dry cough

Common cold symptoms:-
- Gradually gets worse over a few days
- Sneezing is common
- Are more likely to include runny or stuffy nose than a flu
- Often include a sore throat which flu rarely does
- May cause tiredness, but it is much less servere than the exhaustion that comes with a flu
- Do not result in serious health problems and hospitalization
- Causes productive cough (cause that produce phlegm)

Additonal info - General symptoms of Sinus:-
- Cold symptoms that does not reponds to treatment
- Persistant colds with cough
- Head pain on waking in the morning
- A low grade fever
- Weakness and tiredness
- A cough that is mre prevalent at night
- A runny nose (Rhinitis)
- Nasal congestion
- Halitosis (Bad breath)
- Swollen eye lids
- Post nasal drip
- Blocked or stuffy nose
- Congested feeling and pressure
- Facial pain or swelling
- Headaches accompanied by fever
- Voice hoarseness
- A decrease sense of smell
- Fullness of ears

That all I have for you. Hope that you guys will be able to diagnos if you are down with cold or flu. May God bless all of you and keep all in the pink of health!

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