Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Precious Pet Bunny

Hey people! Sorry for not blogging for the past few days... so FREAKING STRESS at work!!! Loads and heaps for Agreement Letter & Tenancy Agreements waiting for me to prepare & vet (other work too la)! Sigh... It's just a matter of time I'm gonna' break down. But thanks to Bam Bam, my stress is always relieved! Lol. Love him lots'.

You guys must be wondering who is Bam Bam right? A toy? A new game? A new shopping website/blogshop? A new candy/snack? A health supplement? Haha... All NO la! He is my precious pet bunny! He is super adorable! Love watching him all day long. I snapped some photos of him with my iPhone below.

Haha... Look at his BIG Foot!

Wah... so obedient today.

Isn't he such a cutie?! I got him from a Singapore rabbit breeder, Charis from Summerlove Rabbitry when he was about 6 weeks old. (She can be contacted at 98813625 or email her here. Like Summerlove Rabbitry's Facebook page now or visit her webpage.) Now he's coming to 3 months old. He has grown a lot over this short span of time. I think that because he eats a lot. Bam Bam is a pedigree cream holland lop. He's parents were imported from US (according to the breeder). So far he has bitten anyone... so kinda' "guai" (in english it means obedient), except for some nibbling when he is scared. But no worries, it doesn't hurt at all.

Why is he called Bam Bam? Erm... Cos' I wanted to give my pet bunny a cute and unique name. Initially, I shortlisted a few names such as Buttons, Cottons, Milk, Cereals, Pebbles, Cuddles, Thumper, Nestle... and many more (the list is was kinda' long to remember). I told my one of my girlfriend that I wanted to name it Pebbles, then she said that Pebbles is a girls name and this little fellow is a boy la. So that's how I ended up with the name - Bam Bam! Currently, I'm still calling him Baby Bam cos' his still a baby (coming to 3 months old but haven't mah).

So far my baby hasn't created any (or should I say much) trouble for me. Personally, I do feel that he is kinda' spoilt and stubborn. Sometimes kinda' temperamental too. About 2 to 3 weeks back, my fiancé and I brought him to a groomer to have his nails trimmed. WTF... he was so terrified that he fidget non stop. It was so hard to calm him down and hold him still. Now am trying my best to litter train but seem to fail all the time. When i first got him, I bought him all the necessities including a litter pan and tried to train him to use it. But just can't! I clean & scrub his cage every weekend and transfer all some of his poop to the litter pan just to let him know where is the exact spot his should be doing his business. Till now, he's still doing his business near the food pan (fortunately I got him a cage that has a pull-out tray, thinking that it gonna be easier to clean. But it's NOT!) Next, Bam Bam is quite a fussy eater. It's always hard to get him to try something new. (Even if it's a little treat.) Well, I guess it cos' hay and pellets has always been his staple food since young. Whenever I feed him with a new vegetable or fruit that he has never tried before, he will just turn his head and ignore me. Or when he's pissed off... try feeding him with his hay! He will just bite it and flick it away! Petty right?! Also tried bring him out of the cage all the time, but he always just returns to his home sweet home very soon. (Hmm, I think he just feels insecure outside.) Well, he is a baby after all. And at the end of the day, I still LOVE HIM! I will try to get a video of him cleaning and rubbing his face with his little paws for you guys to view. He's so irresistibly cute whenever he does that.

 I better stop the Bam Bam story before you guys go bored. 
Remember back about a week or two, I'l told you guys that I will be furnish more facts on bunnies? I was so busy that I almost forgot about it. Sorry hor. Will make it up to you guys today.

Here are some 60 interesting bunny facts:-
1) Baby bunnies are often referred to as "kittens"
2) A rabbit's has 28 teeth and never stops growing hence it's important to provide it with chew toys
3) Female rabbits are referred to as "does" while males are referred to as "bucks"
4) Rabbits can chew up to 120 times per minute and has 17,000 taste buds 
5) Wild rabbits live in a group called "warrens"
6) Some rabbits can breed as early as 3 months old
7) Rabbits are mammals and classified as "lagomorphs"
8) Rabbits do not vomit
9) A rabbit's gestation period as approximately 30 days
10) Domestic rabbits kits are born without fur and their eyes shut
11) When rabbit grind their teeth, it may sound like a purr
12) Rabbits are nearsighted
13) Rabbits are not rodents but they can sometimes resemble in appearance
14) A rabbit has 5 toenails on each of its front two paws and 4 on each of its hind two feet
15) The largest number of kits ever born in a litter is 24
16) The world's heaviest rabbit is Darius, weighing an unprecedented 50 pounds
17) There are about 150 recognized rabbit coat colors and varieties
18) The world's longest rabbit jumps measures at 3 meters
19) The world's highest rabbit jump measures at 1 meter
20) Rabbits only sweat on the pads of their feet and only releases heat through their ears
21) A rabbit will eat its own cecotrophs (night droppings) which is a good source of nutrients
22) A group of baby bunnies from the same mother are called a "litter"
23) The scientific name for a rabbit is "oryctolagus cuniculus"
24) Domestic rabbits can't breed with ones
25) Pet rabbits tends to have a longer life expectancy than wild rabbits
26) The are approximately 180 rabbit breeds worldwide
27) Rabbits have a life expectancy of about 9 to 10 years, some may even live up to 16 years
28) Unsprayed female rabbit has a 90% chance of developing ovarian cancer
29) Unneutered male rabbits tends to be more aggressive  and will spray to make its territory
30) Rabbits have very fragile skeleton and can easily be seriously injured if not handled properly
31) Rabbits are ground animals and doesn't like to be lift of the ground
32) Rabbits generally do not bite but may out of anger or fear
33) Rabbits require specialize veterinary care which may be expensive and difficult to find
34) A rabbits requires a specialized diet comprising fresh fruits and vegetables, any wrong food can kill it
35) Rabbits require lots of hay to aid in digestion
36) Rabbit poop make wonderful fertilizers
37) Rabbits are social animal that requires a good deal of attention in addition to companion
38) A doe's pregnancy last about 28 to 31 days and delivers an average litter between 8 to 10 kits
39) Rabbits are typically quiet and make great apartment pets
40) A rabbit's regular grooming includes brushing, nail trimming, ear checking and scent gland cleaning
41) Rabbits are attracted to house plants and electrical cords hence your house should be bunny-proofed
42) Rabbits love making companions
43) Rabbits are intelligent, personable, inquisitive and amusing companions and have got good memory
44) When rabbits rare properly maintained, they are odorless
45) Rabbits are ideal pets for vegetarians as they are herbivores
46) Rabbits should never be left openly unattended, especially with other animals around
  47) Each rabbit has got its own distinct identity
48) Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk as they are crepuscular
49) Rabbits have 3 pairs of scent glands, located under their chin, anal and inguinal glands
50) Rabbits have large eyes but a blind spot in front of their faces
 51) Rabbits can run approximately 35 miles an hour
56) Rabbits are very susceptible to over heating and can easily suffer from a heat stroke
57) Rabbit meat is all white meat hence is low is calories, fats and cholesterol.
58) When a rabbit is happy, it does a series of jumps trust and runs which is called a "binky"
59)  Rabbits requires at least four hours of exercise or else they can suffer from osteoporosis
60) Rabbits are able to clean up themselves

Can't get enough of them? Here are some interesting clip for you!

Please note that no bunnies were harmed in this post. LOL.
See ya' soon!

Love & Merry

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  1. It's fun to have a pet bunny around your house.
    Whenever I see one, it relieves me stress because of it's cuteness.